Like last year, I had the honor to take pictures on assignment of the spectacular and sometimes moving dance performances by DanzaTion. I like to share some of my favorite shots I took.

20100704-195230-danzation show8-2.jpg


20100620-122816-danzation show3.jpg

20100619-204519-danzation show2.jpg

20100619-135517-danzation show1-1.jpg

20100704-203634-danzation show8-2.jpg

20100620-121729-danzation show3.jpg

I used my Canon 5D mkII with 70-200mm on a Manfrotto monopod IS L/USM 2.8 (iso 2500), and Canon 40D with 85mm 1.2 (iso 400/640) with the biggest apertures (so less field-of-depth and very high shutterspeeds).

The black and white pictures beneath were taken with my 24-105 and 580EX Flash. I used the zoom function for creacting more movements. Sometimes I used the combination of flash on the second curtain with a shutterspeed of 0,3 seconds. Some other pictures were taken with long exposuretimes with movements of the camera.

20100704-221033-danzation show8.jpg

20100620-195652-danzation show4.jpg


20100620-135212-danzation show3-Edit.jpg

20100620-130935-danzation show3-Edit.jpg