What’s there beside you in bed? A bear, an earphone, your mobile, a magazine? Look what these children gathered around them in bed. These photos were taken during last week’s youth gymnastic-camp of F.D.O. in Ermelo.

If I succeed, I make every year a gallery of the week. If you are interested, please look at robertzwart.tk for reportages from 2001.

20090812-071458-zomerkamp - ermelo

20090812-070853-zomerkamp - ermelo

20090812-071152-zomerkamp - ermelo

20090812-065032-zomerkamp - ermelo

20090812-065958-zomerkamp - ermelo

I shot this serie with my Canon 5DMKII with 85mm 1.2 mkII lense under very lowlight-conditions.