This year I made a lot of weddingreports and the number is increasing. Is it an increase of weddings or am I getting better known among brides and grooms? I think it’s the last option :-).

Sometimes, in the corridors there is some negative talk about wedding photography, as if it’s only work for novice photographers. Recently when I did a job for a large Dutch broadcasting company, the CEO had a slip of the tonque: “Yes, Robert this is something completely different for you, much better than all those silly weddingreports”. I had to swallow. He expressed in a few words, the prejudice that often lives. A weddingreport is in my opinion perhaps one of the most difficult branches of photography. All day anticipating to what’s coming, all day changing light conditions, at decisive moments take good photos, no time to relax. Everytime, the day after I feel really exhausted because of the concentration and fysical activity (yes!). I consider wedding photography as real sports and take it as an honor when people express their confidence in me that I’m the person who has the honour to take the pictures of what’s probably their most important day in their lives.


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